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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


There are times in my life when I go through "spurts."

What is a spurt, you say? Well, my attention span / creativity level has never been very high. I need a lot to keep me interested. Whether that be a lot of free time or motivation, I just need something to keep me in that mode.

Right now, I'm in a spurt. In just the last week, I have worked on miss E's scrapbook, bought supplies to make her headbands, & made a fall wreath. If I had more time (& energy), I would seriously think about selling something on Etsy.

I would love to be crafty & go to those classes at Michael's. Or just have more time to make cute stuff for my house.

Unfortunately, right now, I'm busy with miss E. & watching one of my good friend's children (who is only a little older than Elonah). & starting my own photography business...and maybe keeping my house clean every once in a while.

Phew. Maybe later in life. Like...when my kids are in school.

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