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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Premies: Taking a closer look

Yes, November is pre-mature awareness month. But, that's not the only reason this is being discussed here. I have a few friends who have had premies & one that's baby is currently in the NICU...fighting for her life. To say that this is an issue that hits close to home would be an understatement.

I wrote about a sweet little girl - Ellie, the other day. Her mom, Amanda, is a sweet woman & I'm lucky to know her through an online community of women that have all pulled together to support & pray for both her & her baby during this difficult time.

But their story got me to thinking about the other women in that very same community who had previous babies born prematurely who also had their share of time in the NICU.

First, let's start out with a definition of the word premie: any baby born before 37wks gestation. There are varying degrees of prematurity, but any baby born before this allocated time is technically premature.

Here is Trey:


He is three years old. He is a happy, healthy little boy. He loves to play & have fun. His mom, Nola, is a great woman who I've come to know & love. Trey also has a little sister named Aubrey. Could you have ever guessed that he was once as tiny as this...?


Yes, Trey is bigger now. But that doesn't mean he wasn't once a tiny, little helpless baby who needed special care. The same is true for this precious little bug:


Her name is Cameron. She was a tiny 3lbs at birth. Her mom, Michelle, is someone I've really connected with in the online community we come from. You'd never guess the picture above is the same little girl as the picture below. But it is.

This same little girl now loves mermaids & candy. She has a baby sister named Juliana.


For some reason, in the last few weeks, I've been extremely drawn to this topic. My heart strings pull & pray for this sweet little baby to fight. To make it so she can be one of the success stories I've shared with you on this blog.

All I can tell you is this - the NICU days are hard. I have heard the stories. I have read the pain, but I haven't felt it. I hope I never have to. But for those that have - a helping hand or even just a prayer their way will do a world of good. & if you're feeling really ambitious, head over to the March of Dimes. They're always looking for a donation for babies just like these. & I whole-heartedly believe every penny (& second) is worth their time.

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